Logistics automation division - Logistics automation

Logistics automation division is one of the four direct divisions under SBS Group, provides complete logistics automation solutions in transportation, conveying, sorting equipment, stacking, industrial robot, stereoscopic warehouse, control and management system for tire manufacturing, FMCG, package sorting and other fields.

There are two design bases at home and abroad in logistics automation division, relying on the group's independent innovation ability and production capacity, integrate years of industry experience, technical know-how, design ability of the foreign company and strong localization, project implementation and service ability of the domestic division.

According to user requirements, logistics automation division integrates latest technology such as identification, tracking, guidance, sorting, storage, traceability, independent research and development management software, to provide users with the independent design, simulation, manufacturing, assembly, testing, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service and other integrated services.

In competitive global market, enterprises need industry's leading automatic logistics and management system to improve their competitive advantage and expand the scope of business. SBS logistics automation system can offer the following:

--To improve work efficiency
  The stereoscopic warehouse adopts "computer-stacker-shelf" operation mode, by using intelligent robot hand instead of workers to save labor costs.

--Information flow and logistics
  Logistics operation equipment and facilities automation, real-time collection and tracking logistics information, improve the level of logistics system management and monitoring, reduce the storage cost.

--Improve logistics resources utilization
  Automated stereoscopic warehouse, fast material turnover speed, short operation cycle, improved throughput of the warehouse.

--Improve material quality
  The stereoscopic warehouse storage capacity is small, covering a small area, material in each space with no interference to each other, reducing material loss.

--Maximize enterprise profit
  Highly automated, improve production efficiency, reduce inventory, delivery timeliness, deliver consistency are better than the industry level, maximize profits.

--Improve enterprise competitiveness
  Excellent logistics ability, provide quality services to customers, improve service levels, enhance the enterprises competitiveness.